¿Cómo sería el mundo sin la Élite Illuminati?

En este programa Iván Martinez plantea reflexiones sobre como sería el mundo sin la élite illuminati y sus armas para dominar y esclavizar al ser humano.

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  1. Earth is a very special planet. Billions of years ago she functioned at the 12th Dimension and served as a model of the living Schematic of Source for all other planets in the Milky Wat Galaxy. This period of history is known as “Earth’s Golden Age.” During this time 12th Dimension beings were resident on this planet. As a brilliant gaseous globe of energies, she was known as “Earth Star,” as she reflected Christ Consciousness to all.

    Source is infinite and eternal non-form. Source is unlimited Love, Light, energy, consciousness, and knowledge. Creator Gods, following the Schematic of Source, created the physical universe in which we live. It is teeming with trillions of conscious beings. Great Oversouls supply a soul for each physical being.
    Due to failed activities of forcing dense physical matter into higher energies, Earth almost self-destructed. This is known as the “Great Catastrophe.” This failure of the model planet of the Milky Way Galaxy was felt throughout the universe.
    Several billion years ago, Earth was set on a path of resurrection to return to a 12th Dimension planet of Light, Love, and Unity. From lifeless form, she slowly evolved to where our 3rd Dimension ancestors were introduced 500,000 years ago. The 3rd Dimension is characterized by rigidity and separation and the energies of fear, less-than, domination, and anger.
    Since that initial time humanity has evolved into modern men and women with changed bodies and greater brainpower. Beneficial extraterrestrials assisted humanity, thus the different races on our planet. Non-physical beings have assisted the evolvement of humanity both energetically and by incarnating among us. Both light and dark energies have impacted humanity in multiple ways.
    Each of us volunteered to incarnate on Earth at this time. Our reason for being here is to assist her resurrection. To do this, we must first realize who we really are: Great souls incarnated in physical vehicles. Then by changing our consciousness and our bodies to accommodate higher consciousness, we can focus our energies to assist the uplifting of humanity and, in turn, the resurrection of our planet back to 12th Dimension.
    In 3rd and 4th Dimensions, time is linear. In higher dimensions, time is simultaneous, everything is now. In 5th Dimension, we are able to function according to Christ Consciousness, living in unqualified Love and perfect Unity.

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